“. . . an honest and practical perspective from a Christian layman’s point of view of the spiritual war waging in contemporary culture today.”

“Read this book with due warning. It may hit you right between the eyes!”


God's Truth or the Liberal Lie: America at the Crossroads, by Shawn Smith

God’s Truth

or The Liberal Lie:

America at the Crossroads

 by Shawn Smith

 6×9 paperback; 178 pages
ISBN 0-9772868-1-9
Knight for Christ Publishing

$16.95 Print
$3.99 eBook


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Print Edition * eBook

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IN GOD’S TRUTH OR THE LIBERAL LIE: America at the Crossroads, Shawn Smith gives brutally honest answers that illustrate how liberalism is destroying our country and our leaders and stealing the innocence of our children in the process.

“Frustration with our political leaders is at an all-time high,” he says. “The American people are at a loss as to why children are shooting their classmates. They can’t understand why single-parent families are now the landscape of the land as divorce rates climb higher than 50 percent. They seem baffled for an explanation as to why kids are becoming addicts to sex, drugs, and alcohol.”

But the reasons are clear. In this book, Smith exposes how our country’s walk away from God is leading society down the path of judgment–like so many other advanced civilizations–and how the pattern has repeated itself countless times since that fateful day in the Garden of Eden. He exposes the hypocrisy, hatred, and intolerance in America’s supposedly caring, compassionate, and tolerant movement.

Smith’s goal in writing this book was to give people sound biblical truth and help them find the God-given tools they possess to fight the spiritual battle that is being waged in the homes, boardrooms, schools, and political arenas of this country.

“There are no middle grounds or fence-sitting in this war,” he emphasizes. “God created us, gave us battle plans and the tools with which to fight, and He expects us to do just that. I am not talking about bombs and bullets here; I am referring to the pulpits of our churches and the things we need to remember when choosing our leaders and conducting our daily lives. We have to keep pushing back the tide of satanic humanism, relativism, and secularism or pay a very steep price for turning our backs on God.”



“Shawn Smith gives an honest and practical perspective from a Christian layman’s point of view of the spiritual war waging in contemporary culture today. As Smith shares his journey from being an atheist to a follower of Christ, he tells what God has done in a frank, no holds barred approach. As an adult, Shawn Smith lived a hedonistic lifestyle before coming to know the Lord as his Savior. Since his salvation and by the grace of God, Shawn has been transforming into the servant of Jesus Christ. Smith’s book, from cover to cover, measures up to his life as he strives to live according to principles found in God’s Word. It is refreshing to read about Shawn’s spiritual journey of growth, desired continued growth, and his burden to challenge others spiritually.

“In God’s Truth or a Liberal Lie, readers will find great reminders that believers need to live distinctly like Christ in our culture today and that they shouldn’t hide their faith in a closet. The theme of every Christian should be active in pointing people to Christ and taking a stand for our faith even when it is politically incorrect. He also points out that taking a stand against liberalism in our culture and our churches may cause some to lose closeness between friends, neighbors, coworkers and even in the churches they attend. With God’s help, Smith believes taking a stand against liberalism can encourage others to stand firm and help turn our culture back to Christ!”

 - Pastor Scott Hawes, South Side Baptist Church of Hannibal, MO

 * * *

“Writing from the perspective of an informed and experienced layman, Shawn Smith provides a fresh look at society’s latest wrinkle in the age-old battle between God’s truth and Satan’s lie—secular humanism (currently also wearing the labels “liberalism” or “postmodernism”).

“If you’re looking for a polished theological treatise written by someone with multiple letters after his name, look elsewhere. If, however, you’re interested in a book with an ’in your face’ style, written by a man who can say, ‘been there, done that, and it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be,’ this book is for you. Working from the premise that there is indeed absolute truth, and it is found in a book called the Bible, Shawn Smith systematically exposes many of the lies American society is embracing today by shining the spotlight of Biblical truth on them. The result is a thought-provoking book which should cause many readers to examine not only their beliefs, but the actions—and ultimately the lifestyle—that result from those beliefs.

“Shawn’s bare-knuckle style will offend some, but others will appreciate the passion, sincerity, and clarity with which he treats some of the most important issues facing America today. Read this book with due warning. It may hit you right between the eyes!”

- Paul A. Mills, Professor and Pastor, BA, MS

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